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 Does your garage door not closing all the way or is it uneven/slanted? If so, the cause of it normally is a broken cable and/or a worn extension spring cable pulley. This issue that you are experiencing in your garage door is very important to fix in order to keep your home secure. Call the most trusted garage door specialist in Peoria, AZ – Grandview Garage Door Repairs at (623) 207-1124.


As commercial and residential garage door service company, we’ve already dealt with every issue you can think of when it comes to garage door repair. We have conquered it all, including issues that are not at all connected to its components like the tiny insect nest growing on the photo-eye sensor or a ball accidentally knocking the door entirely off its track. Even though these are uncommon issues that you may have experienced by some homeowners, we can handle it, whatever your garage door needs. There’s nothing we can’t do because we are expert in this field.


Some garage door problems may be able to fix with your own skills, however, there are many reasons that it is best to leave the job to the professionals. If you are living in Peoria, AZ, get help from the most trusted garage door service company to troubleshoot your garage door issues. Call no other than the Grandview Garage Door Repairs at (623) 207-1124. All we have on our team are expert technicians who can handle every garage door needs. They have been trained and knowledgeable in all things garage door repair service. Aside from that they still continue to dig for more information and learn new techniques about the field in order to work efficiently.


We carry all the high-quality parts and products that we’ve been using in repairing the garage doors as well as the garage door itself. We ensure that they been all came from the top brand manufacturers in America, we also guaranteed that we service the warranty as well as lifetime warranty in each manufacturer.


What’s more, we can offer? Because we value your money, we have been given our estimation and inspection services as well as professional advice from our experts for FREE when you book an appointment today! You can also avail our senior and veteran citizen discounts, amazing promos and great deals.


We even offer our 24/7 emergency service. That’s right! You don’t have to wait one or two more days just to repair your garage doors, we are available any time on any day of the week. Even holidays and harsh weather won’t stop us to help each and every one of you who have garage door problems. Call Grandview Garage Door Repairs now at (623) 207-1124, a friendly customer service will speak to you in a professional manner. They have been trained to answer all the questions you may have in mind. For further details, you may call us at the same number given earlier or visit us personally in our office located in Peoria, AZ.

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